Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 Boots

The Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 boot comes in a few different variations. The "original" Leather and Nylon 8" version, a lower cut 6" version, Water Proof Ion Mask treated, side zip, all leather, composite safety toe and plate and even a womens specific stealth libery mid  variant.

The stealth force all leather composite toe and plate boot is a very popular safety boot.  Fully certified to EN standards for both the composite safety toe protection and slip resistant outsole the Magnum CT CP Stealth force packs a full safety boot into a comfortable light weight unit that is equally suited to industrial usage as it is to tactical situations. The composite toe in this Magnum Stealth force is a grey area for both police and security wearers as causing someone an injury whilst wearing a composite toe can leave you liable for accusations of assault with a weapon. Even police officers who are wearing toe caps (steels) may wind up in trouble if they have not been issued them for public order or special duties.  If you are looking for some size 9 Magnums I would highly recommend these.

The standard Magnum Stealth Force WPI version has been discussed earlier in this blog here, but there are other versions also available with the ion mask technology like the all singing all dancing Stealth Force CT CP SZ an eight inch boot featuring a composite toe, a composite shank to reduce puncture risks and a YKK side Zip.

The Stealth Liberty mid is one of Magnum Boots most popular products as it is the only womens specific police boot on a special narrower last (footbed) with a lower cut ankle to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon insertion point.  This boot also has a slightly lighter composition and a more stylized design to appeal more to the female wearer making it quite distinct from a simple six inch stealth boot which is a lower but version of the mens eight inch boot.

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