Sunday, 12 February 2012

Magnum Classic Boots

The Magnum Classic boot is the "Traditional" Leather and Nylon police boot.  Often imitated never, bettered this classic boot design has served police officers across the globe for nearly 25 years (and will probably last another 25!).  The Magnum Classic ticks all the standard Magnum Boot boxes; EN Certified, ISO9000, SRC Slip resistant sole, full grain leather and 900D ballistic nylon upper and a 12 Month manufacturers warranty etc. but probably the thing that makes the Classic Magnum so popular is the simple design and reserved appearance.

Some of the more modern Magnum boots have a lot more fancy technology, but they of course cost a bit more than the Classic model and their "funky" designs make them a bit more garish and not so "uniform."  With the classic you can polish the toe to get a great shine that will make these boots acceptable to even the strictest of skippers.

Some people prefer the similarly priced Magnum Panther Boot with the side zip for easier and faster donning and dothing, but if you want the same convenience but still want to stick with the original Magnum Classic you can lace in a pair of zippers for the front.  The zippers actually make the boots much more comfortable than with the laces alone and in the eventuality that the zippers failed you can always re lace the boots the traditional way.

If you are starting out as a police officer I would recommend you pick up a pair of these Magnum Boots for your general duties.  They will serve on foot patrol, in the classroom, in a car or on parade equally well without give you the "Tackleberry" image and if later on you find you need a more specialized boot then you can always upgrade without having poured too much money down the drain on some uber Gucci boots that are not fit for purpose.  Like most Magnum Boots they are available in size 9.

One point of note though, the Classics are not waterproof.  They have no membrane or Ion mask technology unfortunately.   The full grain leather and quality nylon construction does make them pretty water resistant, an if you wax and polish the leather well you should find the boots adequately water resistant for all but the heaviest of rain down pours and they will dry out quite quickly too.