Monday, 21 November 2011

1000 Mile socks

The name concept of 1000 mile socks is pretty simple, if you get a blister in your first 1000 miles of wear and you get your money back!  Pretty confident claim eh, but having spoken candidly with one of their reps, they honestly get very few claims on their claim.

The construction of 1000 mile sock is what makes them so blister resistant (if that is even a real term).  The outer is not unlike many other performance hiking socks with a material blend designed to provide padding, insulation, moisture wicking and heat management but the real difference is the integrated Tactel inner sock.  The Tactel lining sock, available from 1000 mile as a stand alone product, is designed to grip tight to the foot surface and wicks moisture whilst providing a protective layer between the outer and the skin on the foot allowing the outer to rub on the inside of the boot and against the Tactel layer whilst the foot stays friction free.

The range of 1000 mile socks designed for the tactical market sector covers the more basic combat sock (in black or green), the more advanced fusion services sock (in black or desert sand) the Tactel lining sock as discussed earlier and a few other products which offer great performance for police or military users, the 1000 mile compression and support socks designed to aid rehab and recovery from intense training.  It is also worth noting that the fusion services socks are available in specific sizes for both men and women.

I personally have a pair of the fusion services sock in desert and they have become my long distance winter sock of choice, replacing the Magnum MX3 socks as the weather cools.  Now I have not racked up nearly 1000 miles since putting them on but I have given them a thorough run out across the downs for a day in my Lowa boots (which were very comfortable to start with) and I have been more impressed with these than any other socks I have tried.  A Police special colleague is also trailing the black version of the 1000 mile fusion services sock for urban foot patrol and he is also singing their praises in his Magnum boots.

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