Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Magnum Stealth WPI - Cross Country Test

Pulling these back on I had forgotten how soft they were.  The upper flexes so easily at the ankle that they feel like you are running in your slippers....but these are def to soft for running on uneven ground, especially with a pack or bergen on.

As I remembered from the tarmac test these boots are light and "cushioney" underfoot, possibly due to the included M-Pact Memory foam insole that comes with every pair.  Something I am going to be adding as a stand alone to any of my boots/trainers from now on!

Now the most interesting bit for me was the water test.  I basically went for a paddle for 5-10 mins or so standing/walking about in water about 5 to 6 inches deep making sure the boots were submerged above the laces and tongue over the the height of my ankle bone......and the results BONE DRY!  No note able water penetration at all.  Very impressive.

When I got home I was so impressed I tested them in the sink! I filled them up with water then tipped them up and poured them out. Normally if you submerge a boot like this the lining and padding soak up water like a sponge and the boots then squelch about for hours and weigh several pounds more until you put them in the airing cupboard overnight!  Not with the Stealth WPI no no, 99% of the water just poured straight out.  Putting my hand in after it still felt a bit damp as there were still water droplets trapped in the folds and creases, but after wiping out the inside with a towel I had no qualms about putting them back on with my socks.  This technology might really be a game changer for waterproofing techniques.

Run test complete  on the Magnum Stealth force and I am still one impressed customer.  If you are a UK police officer, foot patrol security guard or even a doorman make the Magnum Stealth Leather WPI your winder boot of choice....if you can afford them.  Prices seem to range from £120 in the shops to just under £90 online (plus P&P of course).

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