Monday, 19 November 2012

TurtleSkin Gloves

One of the most respected brands, TurtleSkin is renowned for its range of needle, puncture and cut resistant gloves specifically designed for police, military and law enforcement personnel.  TurtleSkin gloves use their range of protective fabrics manufactures at Warwick Mills factory in the USA since 1870.

Turtle Skin offer a specific range of police products, designed to provide not only optimal protection from sharps as well as allowing for maximum tactile feedback whilst maintaining a smart professional appearance which is a suitable match for uniform whilst on duty.

One of the most popular models is the TurtleSkin Alpha glove, offering needle and cut resistance on the palm and fingertips and cut resistance on the back of the hand. The knit on the back of the hand is also a high stretch design so as not to restrict movement when opening and closing the hand.

Similar to the Alpha Glove, the TurtleSkin Bravo glove offers the same hypodermic needle and cut resistance on the palms and fingertips but they have replaced the back of the hand with a breathable mesh fabric.  Ideal for warmer weather, the Bravo glove offers the highest levels of breathability available.

The best levels of cut and needle resistance in the Police uniform range of gloves (TurtleSkin do also offer gloves for use in the refuse industry or even for handling poisonous snakes!!) is the Search Glove, offering 11 times more protection from 28 Guage needles than normal police gloves and include full protection all around the index finger able to withstand 1.1lbf of force applied through a 28 guage need.