Friday, 27 July 2012


The Iconic Maglite 3D Cell police torch hanging from the belt of a US TV cop is a bit of a Hollywood myth these days.  Sadly maglite fell behind in technology and performance in the torch "arms race" over the last decade and their price tag for the brand name could no long be justified.  Don't get me wrong, maglites are a classic bit of kit, solid reliable torches made to take a beating, BUT the reality is they are kind of bulky, the battery life isn't great.and the lumen out put is again short of other newer brands out there.

Maglite have tried to improve the situation with a new range of LED torches to complement their traditional xenon bulbs , which have brought them back into the game, but they still don't lead the pack in the same way they used to.  For a limited time maglite also offered LED upgrades (which were pretty expensive - almost as much as replacing your original torch, but just slightly cheaper than buying the new LED version!!!) however Maglite have since pulled the official upgrades from their range although there are still plenty of third party companies offering their own brand parts, which although not supported by Maglite seem to work just fine.  I did manage to pick up an official upgrade module when they were available for my 3D cell and it really took my sad old maglite up to a whole new level.  No longer the dull orange glow and 30min battery life, instead a piercing white beam that lasts for hours and is still fully focusable (something some unofficial led upgrades loose).  Of course the only downside is that you cant use LED torches with IR filters, but luckily Maglite is one of the few manufacturers to still produce their filament range so you can revert to one of those if necessary.

Another plus side of the Maglite range is the reliability issue, these torches are still pretty bomb proof, something that Maglite still very much prides it self on and has been the bedrock of its brand reputation.

A quick synopsys of the core range is:

  • Solitaire (keyring torch)
  • Mini Maglite AA (LED and Filament)
  • 2D Cell (LED and Filament)
  • 3D Cell (LED and Filament)
  • 4D Cell (Filament Only)
But there are also some re chargable and multimode maglite models like the XL200, ML125 and the Mag Charger System which round out the range as well as complimentary Maglite Holders Pouches