Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Legal debates aside, a multitool (with or without a locking blade) is a useful bit of kit to have on you more often than you think....not just for Combat or on the beat, a good Multi Tool can help with anything from  busting the lid off a jar, screwing the manifold cover back onto your decrepit Golf engine or cutting packing straps off a box.

I know a lot of police officers have debated the legality of carrying a bladed multitool...civilians might shrug it off as "Yeah it makes sense they probably need it for what they have to do!" but there in lies the rub, if it was considered essential equipment they would have been issued one!  Based on this argument a police officer has "legal authority" to carry a baton or CS gas which would be an offensive weapon if carried by a civilian so if they have not been issued their multi tool do they have legal authority to carry one?  The alternative argument is that a police officer has "reasonable excuse", this is the reason why a civilian can have a mutitool on his belt when he is out on a camping trip or on a building site but not when he is in the pub or at a football match.  Reasonable excuse is exactly what it sounds like, you have a reason for carrying your multiplier.  Of course being a bladed item they are restricted to over 18s as well.

Multitools are often referred to generically as a "Letherman" who were teh first brand to pioneer the idea that you could mount a variety of tools on a folding plier rather than on a "swiss army knife" style construction.  However technology has moved on and the old leatherman have been superseded (in my not so humble opinion any way) by Gerber Multitools.  Personally I rate the limited edition Bear Grylls Suspension Plier for its robust construction, excellent selection of devices, and the ergonomic sprung handle grips.

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