Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Adidas GSG9 Boots

Now Adidas is not normally a brand you would associate with the world of tactical kit and equipment but that Adidas GSG9 Boots are renowned throughout the industry as a piece of tactical footwear.  There are two height options available, 6 and 8 inch and in two colours black and desert sand.  The lower cut 6 inch boot is referred to as the GSG 9.4 and the higher 8 inch boot is the 9.2 (both of these are second generation to the original GSG9 boots).

The boots retain the light weight performance of the original design (and the patented Adidas 3 stripe design) but also pack some innovative new features and technical specifications.   Whilst the boots are not waterproof they have a hydrophobic treatment that makes them highly water resistant whilst retaining maximum breathibility.  The Adidas GSG9 Range Fulfils anti-static Norm (DIN EN 344-1, 4.3.4)and also fulfils Oil and Gasoline resistant Norm (DIN EN ISO 20345, 20346, 20347).

Another neat feature is the fast roping system on the foot arch, similar to that on the Magnum Spider 8.1 and 5.1 boots.  This special section is highly abrasion resistant to prevent the boots shredding during roping.  This mid foot sadle also increases arch support to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

So all in all the Adidas GSG 9 range is a far cry from the sports casual attire you might find in your local sports shop, it is a highly specc'd professional range of performance footwear that has become the first choice response boot of specialist police teams the world over. (Incredibly popular in Germany as Adidas is a German company.......Side note Adidas and Puma were founded by two brothers, Puma being a later spin off and rival after they fell out over business differences.)

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