Monday, 1 July 2013

Hexarmor Needle Gloves

Probably one of the best known needle resistant glove brands is HexArmor, competing with Turtle Skin for dominance in the marketplace for tactical, safety and industrial uses.

Hex Armour use their own proprietary "Superfabric" technology to provide the needle and cut resistance within their products, layering it several times to increase the protection levels in their most protective gloves and only using perhaps two layers in the gloves designed to give the maximum tactile feedback.  The Hercules NSR Hex Armor Glove for example offers the highest levels of protection and is ideal for sifting through waste or handling potentially hazardous materials, while the Hex Armor 4042 Needle Gloves offer lower levels of protection but a much more responsive glove for fingertip sensitivity.

The Hex Armor Superfabric is developed by sticking small hard "Armor" plates over a base fabric.  The small hard plates fit close together to allow a flexible "Skin" whilst maintaining cut and puncture resistance.  Traditionally the hard plates were in hexagonal shape for multi-directional flexibility which is where Hex Armor gets its name. To maximise protection and avoid any small protrusion between the hard plates the SuperFabric is layered normally a minimum of twice, often more times to increase the force the gloves can resist cut or needle pressure from.

Although a lot of the focus for HexArmor is for industrial and safety gloves they do offer a good selection of tactical gloves, mainly designed for the police and security market.  In price ascending order these are:

Hex Armor Point Guard Glove: - Designed to be worn under a surgical glove this is ideal for pat downs as it has a good mix of protection and sensitivity on the face of the hand but none on the back.

Hex Armor 4041 (superseding the 4042): An ideal General Duty glove it has a smart professional appearance with high levels of cut and puncture resistance on the palm and backs of the fingertips and offers some cut resistance on the back of the hand without being overly restrictive.

HexArmor Hercules: This glove offers the maximum all round protection but sacrifices dexterity and tactile feedback.  It is mainly used for high risk searches of people or hazardous waste.