Friday, 30 December 2011

Peter Jones Klickfast

The original Peter Jones Klickfast manufacturer of Police radio and equipment holders was of course Peter Jones ILG.  The Klickfast system was originaly designed for mounting airwaves radios to the chest of police vests .  The unique multi position swivel mounting allowed the radios to be easily inserted and locked into place in a number of different positions.  The Klickfast concept was then rapidly adopted for mounting any  number of additional devices, from CS Holders to Torch Holders  and even baton holders .  Police Officers were able to use Klickfast docs mounted on leather belt loops to apply the clickfast system to equipment they wished to have on their belt rather than on their vest (where commonly the only two options were the left or right breast).

The most popular Peter Jones mounts are the Polymer CS gas holster which provides rapid, easy access to ones PAVA spray and the two light holder docs designed to accommodate either the Peli Versabrite or most hand-held pocket torches.  The advantage of these two styles of peter jones Klcikfast holders is they allow a police officer hands free illumination when checking IDs or writing down notes or filling out Fixed Penalty Notices.

There are a couple of imitation products available which are compatible with the Klickfast system, however Peter Jones claim that use of a non branded replica stud or doc in conjunction with their equipment will void its warranty.  Most officially issued kit is genuine Peter Jones Klickfast.