Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Peli Versabrite Light

You will see a Peli Versabrite on the chest of most police officers in the UK these days, it is an indispensable little gadget that gives bright, clear reliable hands free illumination at the flip of a lid.  Some people might be put off at first by the price of a Peli Versabrite, (RRP £24.99 but you can get it for £17.99 from and there are cheaper alternatives on the market for a more sensible looking £10 price point. HOWEVER the Peli comes with a life time guarantee and it really is a no quibble guarantee, run it over, drown it in the rain, have your dog chew it, or simply let the battery run out, send it back to Peli and they will repair or replace your versabrite for absolutely no charge!

The Peli versabrite itself is a small plastic case with a sprung clip on the back which you can use to attach to a lapel, MOLLE webbing, baseball cap peak etc etc and on the front the "lid" contains two bright LEDs which light up when the lid is flipped up and turn off when closed.  The lid itself can be adjusted to any angle up to 180 Degrees making it a versatile little bit of kit. 

What a lot of police officers do with their peli versabrite is mount it on a Peter Jones Klickfast Doc which allows it to be mounted in any Peter Jones Klick Fast mounting, similar to those on the shoulders of most police vests.  This allows you to not only adjust the angle of the light up and down with the Peli lid itself but also rotate it through 360 deg in the doc.  If you are a police officer this combo is what most people use.

The Peli comes in a variety of colours, the most popular is black for professional use, or Hi-Viz for those who have to wear Hi-Viz for their duties, but you can buy them in red, blue, green, orange purple, etc etc if you want one for camping or similar.

Remember, although a Peli Versabrite is twice the price of the alternatives, if you break it once in its life time it will have paid for itself with the warranty!

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