Sunday, 21 August 2011

De Mystery Boots Cross Country Test

Bit later than I had hoped I got these boots back on for the cross country test.  I had a few shin splints from the amount of running I had been clocking up recently so eased off and used my Hi Tech trainers with the insoles to minimize impacts whilst still keeping up some training, but they seem to have eased off so I got the boots back on and the cross country terrain is actually a bit softer under foot that the tarmac.

Any rate, the boots test!  This time the boots were already broken in a bit more and I didn't suffer the same rubbing in on the back of the calf.  The boots were a lot more supportive than the Magnum Stealths, I felt very comfortable running at pace over broken ground in these.  The sole was exactly the right level of rigid/flexible for stability and comfort and excellent traction on mud, gravel dirt and grass.

The boots were sold as "water resistant" they have an oily leather, water proof Cordura and water proof YKK zip.  Running through puddles/shallow water was completely fine didn't notice any water seeping in during the course of the run.  I then tested them in the same was as I had the Stealth WPI boots by paddling around in the shallows of a lake.  At first was incredibly impressed, thinking they might actually be waterproof, but after about 60 seconds water had begun to seep in, not flood in mind, just around the seams and the tongue.  For a non waterproof boot they are about as water resistant as you can get!

In terms of personal preference, I really, really like these boots.  A bit tough at first to break in, but after that a fantastic rugged, supportive, durable boot, water resistant, very breathable and a nice professional appearance.  I might be tempted to add some of the shock mitigating insoles though if I was to be doing a lot of urban pursuits though.

When I get permission from the higher authority I will name this boot publicly and I am sure a lot of police officers will be interested in this development in police footwear. 

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