Saturday, 6 August 2011

The new improved 5.11 Rush series

There has been a bit of confusion recently with the introduction from 5.11 of the new Rush 12 daypack which had some improved spec over the old style 24 and 72 models, and the subsequent porting of the new spec to the 24 and 72 styles.

The two major changes I have been most pleased with are the changes to the yoke seams so that there are now two seams off set from the center instead of the single center join on the original model.  That center seam was a definite weak point in the old construction.  The new bags 24 and 12 bags also come with a tri-gilde buckle for attaching a hip belt or waist strap.  Now whilst it is a bit annoying that they don't come with a strap included, it is a marked step up from the old model that had no option whatsoever.  Currently 5.11 don't seem to offer the a waist belt as an extra in their catalogue but that might be something they introduce in their "fall" (autumn) collection.

The new bags also have improved rain covers on the YKK Zips, the rubber stamp logo has been mounted on the MOLLE on the bag giving full coverage for pouch mounting.  A couple of additional clips have been added to allow the "teir" system to operate making the packs hugely diverse as you can expand or contract capacity quickly and easily by adding what are in effect smaller stand alone bags to the main pack.  The quick release buckles on the straps have also been moved so they sit on top of the padded upper rather than below it meaning the buckles will not dig into you any more.  They don't come with the click suppressors anymore, some people loved them, some people hated them, if you want to add your own they can be made pretty easily with some black elastic....I have.

So it's all pluses really, the bags retain all their fundamental good points that have made made them so popular and the new tweaks really make them perfect in my opinion.

You can see a full video review here or if you want to buy one I suggest you use as they only have the New 5.11 Rush bags in stock unlike a lot of retailers who are still punting out the old style at full price to unsuspecting customers!

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