Saturday, 13 August 2011

Base Layers

With all the running I'm doing at the moment I felt it would be remiss not to have a discussion about base layers .  These offer so many advantages over cotton T shirts (or boxers) that for their price that there is no reason not to invest.

Personally I use a lot of Under Armour especially their tactical range.  Though this is only suitable for training, the polyarmour material they use is highly flammable and will melt into your skin if ignited. Most military forces have banned it from use on operations.  Companies like DriFire and Potomac make new moisture wicking baselayers that are also intrinsically flame resistant, ideal for use under body Armour where IEDs are a threat.

They also do a range of boxers and breifs.

When it comes to socks I like Nike Elite Running Socks with coolmax wicking wool and additional padding on selected areas that are most susceptible to rubbing.

All of the above products not only provide comfort in the form of heat and moisture management but they also reduce bacteria and fungal buildup reducing odor and skin irritation.

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