Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Gerber Hinderer CLS

The Gerber Hinderer CLS is a rescue knife.....not a boot! I know things have been pretty footwear oriented of late so I thought I would mix it up with a quick knife review.

Most of you probably already know the Gerber brand and its reputation for quality in its products.  The UK distribution has been taken over by Friskars Too Company  you know the company behind those annoying gardening tools ads but that does not appear to have affected the Gerber brand.

The Hinderer CLS is a folding lock knife which opens one handed due to its smooth hinge and the thumb grip on the side of the blade.  It also features a window punch on the hilt and strap cutter that folds out of the handle.  Unlik its sister product the similarly named "Gerber Hinderer" the CLS version has a pointed tip as well as a fine curved blade at the end and a serrated section towards the handle.  The CLS version also comes in covert black as oppose to rescue red!  The black includes the blade not just the handle to reduce and reflective surfaces making it ideal for military users.  If you are working in the UK the Rescue version is much more suitable.  The handle also has a metal clip on the side which is sold as a "belt clip" but it works just very well on a MOLLE system and to be honest I would have it stored on my chest whist riding in a vehicle in a hostile environment rather than on the belt for easy access.

The blade, and overall construction are excellent quality and ergonomically designed for almost any use.

On the subject of Gerber (is it meant to be pronounced Grrrr-ber or Jer-ber ) they have also recently released a Bear Grylls range of multitools and survival knives which I hope to give a thorough trial later on.

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