Sunday, 31 July 2011

De Mystery Boot - Tarmac test

Now in a bit of a change to the previous plan I am testing the mystery boot on tarmac instead of the Magnum Stealth Leather WPI cross country test.  Partly because the weather conditions are similar to those as they were for the Magnum boots and partly because I got impatient looking at the new boots and wanted to give em a go.

First impressions the boots are very light weight, but a lot more rigid than the Magnums.  These boots are 8 inch leather and Cordura and come with a YKK Side Zip and SRC slip resistant soles. Impressive spec so far.  Putting them on they immediately felt a lot more like "combat" boots than the Magnums offering more ankle support and toughened toe protection. Personally I liked the feel, but it felt like these boots would need some breaking in before they were comfortable.  Lacing them up initially the cuff dug into the back of my calf and I had to loosen them off before I even got out the front door.  The left one I loosened a bit too far I think as the heel started to rub a little by the end of the 3 miles.

On the run the sole of these boots felt fantastic, very grippy on tarmac, grass and a short stretch of gravel and felt very "fast" to run in.  On the downside there didn't seem to be a cushioned mid sole and I felt some quad fatigue in the evening that I normally get in my old Berghaus boots but not in my trainers or in the Magnum boots.

As I expected these boots were less flexible and supple than the magnums and the cuff did dig in a little into the calf, but I expect with a bit of breaking in they will be great, especially for the ankle support they offer.  The top of the toe flexed without discomfort and they clearly offer a lot more protection in that area than the Stealth boots.  The mystery boots are NOT a safety toe by the way, just toughened for a bit of extra protection.

As mentioned the weather conditions were similar to the previous test and these boots felt cooler (same socks remember) I guess due to the Cordura panels.  These boots are not sold as water proof but the "oily" leather and Cordura used are specifically water resistant and the Zip is there is some logic to putting a waterproof zip on a boot that is only water resistant, as the zip is going to be the obvious weak point and a cheap zip would really let the whole package down.

Next week I will give both boots a cross country test including a good paddle to see how they hold up.

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