Friday, 29 July 2011

Magnum Stealth Force - The tarmac test!

I will be wearing the same socks for all my run tests (I have more than one pair of the same style before you question my personal hygiene!) .  The socks used are Magnum MX3 midweight "Magdry" socks.  Magdry seems to be Magnums own brand of Coolmax and I have been very impressed with them in all conditions.  They are slightly thinner than tradional "hiking" socks or military patrol socks offering the perfect blend of comfort and cool!

Anyway, onto the boot test.  First impressions the magnums are very light, the leather is very soft and flexible and the soles/footbed feel more like trainers than boots.  Great for comfort on tarmac but I wonder if I will want more support when on the cross country test.

On the run the boots performed fantastically straight out of the box, way more comfortable than my old Berghaus boots and the sole was a joy to run on.  There was no rubbing in any area and the tops of the boots creased without causing any discomfort on the tops of my toes.

Downside, they were very hot and though the socks did a good job with any sweat my feet did feel like they were cooking a little bit.  Now to be fair it was a warm(ish) summers day, about 22 deg and sunny.....and the boots are waterproof, but I was hoping for more heat management with Ion Mask over Goretex.  Perhapse as an all leather boot I should have expected that over a Leather and Nylon version.

As a winter urban patrol boot the Magnum Stealth Force all Leather WPI is very impressive.  I will test the water proofing in a more "rural" setting in the next couple of days and see how the leather and ankle support hold up off road.

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