Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Reviews, Wear Trials, Product Tests and my own personal musings....

Over the years I have amassed a vast array of boots, bags, knives, belts, pouches, torches and pretty much all things tactical.  Some of it I use everyday, some of it gathers dust in a box under the bed all of it will be given a thorough right up over the next few months, maybe even years as I put it through it's paces or it's daily chores and I will share what rocks and what sucks for me and maybe it will help some of you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

First up for review next week is a pair of Magnum Stealth Force All Leather Water Proof Ion Mask boots and their performance on 21min 3mile runs on tarmac, across country and on the treadmill.  (Some among you might notice the distance and time is the same as required for Royal Marine Recruit Selection :) )

I will be giving my initial impressions against an old pair of Berghaus hiking boots I had been using until now, then next week they will be going up a new "mystery" pair of boots for a compare and contrast.

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