Monday, 10 October 2011

Led Lenser P7 Pocket Torch Review

I have owned a Led Lenser Torch, the Led Lenser P7 to be precise, for about 2 years, at the time Surefire were charging a lot for a torch of disappointing spec in terms of lumens and battery life (you can't argue with the reliability of a SureFire Torch) and I have been really rather pleased from the day I brought it.

That very first day I put the Led Lenser torch to the test, not for its illumination capabilities but for its durability.  Basically I purchased the torch at lunch and slung it onto the backseat of the car.  After work I stopped at the gym and grabbed my kit back off the back seat....on arriving home my brand new led lenser torch was no where to be seen.... Realizing what must have happened, that I dragged the torch off the backseat when I got my kitbag out of the car I headed back to the gym car park and sure enough there was a black blob looking like a squashed hedgehog right where I parked the car.  The lovely looking black gift box that my Led Lenser had come in was a gonner and the batteries inside were also a finished.  The torch however had only a couple of scratches and looked like it might have survived relatively unscathed.  A quick stop at the garage for some overpriced Duracells and bobs your uncle the torch delivered a blinding 200 lumens right into my surprised face leaving me blinded for a while. Since then the torch has performed superbly in all conditions.

Good points about the Led Lenser P7 Torch:
  1. 200 lumens of penetrating white light (some older sites still advertise 170, all the new models are 200)
  2. Rugged aluminum body
  3. Easy to use one handed focus from spot to flood
  4. Two beam strengths for spot or flood
  5. Comes with a belt/molle compatible pouch
  6. Runs on easily available and cheap AAA batteries
Bad Points abut this led lenser Torch:
  1. The battery life is not as long as promised, even on low beam strength you will notice the brightness fades quite quickly as the batteries drain.
  2. The sliding focus head means there are more weather proof alternatives
  3. The tail cap switch is a little fiddly and I don't like the "click" it has
  4. The pouch strap for mounting isnt great, despite being popper and velcro they both become weak after 6 months or so.
  5. The price has crept up since I purchased mine. Fenix have come in with comparable torches and SureFire have introduced some blistering new LED torches since as well. (But they are pretty exy)
All in all the Led Lenser torch range make fantastic police torches....but there are cheaper alternatives for those on a budget with similar spec and the new surefires are the ticked if your life depends on it.

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