Sunday, 16 October 2011

Danner Boots Review

I have seen a recent resurgence in Danner Police Boots after their availability in the UK seemed to dry up for a while but they are now back on the market a bit more esepscially the Danner Police Boots which are now focused around the Danner Kinetic range of 6 inch and 8 inch in Gortex and Non GTX.  ( I think they do varying degrees of insulation in the USA as well but I have not seen that in the UK and it doesn't really seem appropriate for our weather range as well).

Danner boots background is probably more well know for their military boots than their police boots, the Danner TFX Desert boot being on of the issue boots earlier in the "second" Iraq conflict, but the quality of construction demanded by army users makes them a high quality, long lasting police boot.

The Kinetic Danner boots offer a top quality medium weight boot, ideal for general foot patrol, personal I prefer an 8 inch boot, but some prefer the extra flexibility of a 6 inch and are not interested in the extra support, car bound or more static indoors workers for example, but if you are on the run across mixed terrain the extra support will pay dividends.

As with Lowa boots Danners can be re soled extending the life of the boots by 5-10 years of good use.  Not only that but Danner back their footwear with a fantastic quality guarantee, if the boot fails through normal use they will replace it no quibble.

If you are looking for a more military style boot and are prepared to spend a little more then the Danner Acadia Boot, hand made in the USA is an outstanding bit of footwear.

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