Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Grafters Boots

The Grafters Boots range are relatively new to the market and offer an economically priced alternative to the ever popular Magnum Police Boots.  Now the build quality, materials and life expectancy reflect the purchase price but for lighter users, indoor security guards for example then something like the M668a Grafters Boots are ideal and wont break the bank.

Grafters offer 3 main "Styles" of boot.:

  • The light weight Stealth boot available in 6 or 8 inch ankle height leather and nylon version, as well as an all leather 8 inch water proof breathable boot with "Johntex" Lining. (Johntex is grafters own brand of Goretex imitation membrane).
  • The sturdier Grafters "Police" boot which comes in 8 inch leather and nylon, an all leather 8 inch version and a leather and nylon 6 inch boot.
  • The Police Duty shoe (ideal for parades or formal events)
Now you are probably not going to find many breathable waterproof boots for under £50 yet Grafters offers two which can be found for around £44.99 and £49.99 respectively on many police equipment sites.

Now before you rush out and spend your hard earned pay check on a pair of boots that seem to good to be true, it is worth noting that they probably are just that.  The expected life span of a pair of grafters is less than 12 months for most users, 6 months for those of you who regularly clock up a lot of miles pounding the pavement, or wear them in "adverse weather conditions".  The leather is an action leather in general, which is not EN certified for breathabilty as occupational footwear and the sole has no slip resistance rating.  These downsides are potential turn offs for spec conscious individual purchasers but are a definite stumbling block for any corporation or organisation wishing to issue them to their staff.

To be honest while Grafters boots offer a good selection of boots at the lower end of the market you can pick up a pair of Magnum Panthers (which are EN Certified, have an SRA slip resistant sole and 12 month guarantee) for £39.99 so consider your footwear choice carefully. 

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