Friday, 23 September 2011

Maritime Security

Maritime security seems to be a burgeoning since the high profile kidnap and ransom cases off the coast of Somalia.  But Somalia is not the only hot spot for modern day piracy, areas of the the South China Sea are still pretty lawless and insurance companies are keen to protect the assets they insure with some extra muscle around the globe.

SSO positions are pretty popular with ex military personnel, especially former Marines and Navy seamen. The job is considered lower risk than CP work in Afghan or Iraq where pay and opportunities have decreased recently and the competency of insurgents in combat (or planting IEDs at any rate) has increased.

Ship Security can in fact be limited to recovering a vessel once the ransom has been paid and the pirates have retired to luxury islands with their ill gotten spoils!......Sometimes it's just easier that way. have picked out a small selection of Maritime Security Equipment on that page and have a full range of security clothing, bags, boots and pretty much everything on the rest of the site so check it out.

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