Friday, 30 September 2011

Lowa Boots Review - Old Faithful

My Lowa Boots are now my oldest and most worn pair of boots.  After a mid length dalliance with a pair of commercial Berghaus boots I purchased at 16 and trekked around the world in I finally replaced them with a new pair of Lowa Boots  more specifically a pair of the Goretex Mountain Boots , and have never looked back.

These boots were fantastic from the first time I pulled them on, literally cutting the labels off them and doing 10 miles in them fresh out of the box.  From that first hike to my most recent dog walk I have never suffered a blister, pinching, rubbing or any form of discomfort.  I have used and abused these boots in almost every condition and terrain, urban, sub arctic, rocky, swampy, sub tropical and everything in between and can't fault them in any respect.

The Mountain GTX Lowa boots are of course the Goretex version of the Lowa Patrol Boots, being almost identical in every aspect.  Personally I love the goretex and the 8inch ankle height normally means they don't get flooded often and the benefits of the waterpoof membrane out weigh the quicker drying version on 9 occasions out of 10.  (If you want a higher boot from Lowa I would recommend the Combat GTX 10 inch version, but some people find these go a little too high!)

Lowa also offer a selection of other boots in their Task Force range.  The light weight and sporty Zephyr Desert Mid, the Urban Military 2 ever popular with Police officers and the Para Recon.....or Recon Para.... which are "The Slippers" of the Lowa Task Force boot world.

One of the major advantages of buying a pair of Lowa's is the fact that they can be re soled.  A friend an colleague of mine (who recommended them to me originally) had his last him for 8 years in the RMP for the Parachute Regiment and after re soling are still going strong as he works as a security manager in Yemen 5 years later.

So for your next pair of boots for military, or para military use I stake my reputation on Lowa!

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