Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dating for the police and army

Many of us working the in security or the uniformed services, be it police, army, navy, marines or air force.  The odd hours, the long periods away from home, the demands and sometimes stress, the confidential nature of the work etc. can all take their tole on a relationship and sometimes it is easier to relate to others who are also in a similar industry.  As such a niche dating website for those in uniform was borne and has burgeoned into a flourishing success.

Originally intended to target those actually in the army, or police or unformed security, the site soon attracted a following from uniformed aircrew and other uniformed professions which were included in to the sight demographic targets.  As the site continued to grow it caught the attention of civilians where were simply interested in dating someone from a military job or from the police service.

The site has become so popular to the public in fact that you may have seen their advertising on TV.  Take a look at the ads they are running:

And their Christmass ad:

They also did a series of videos with Kat Hodge, former Miss England and Serving Army Corporal who was "The Face" of UniformDating.com check out that video here:

So if you are in the Army, Military, Police or Uniformed security or just interested in someone who is join UniformDating.com today.

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