Monday, 7 January 2013

Leatherman Multitools

The term Leatherman has become synonymous with all multitools, whether made by leatherman or not, much like the words Biro or Hoover are used to describe all ball point pens or vacuum cleaners.

Leatherman were the first company to pioneer what was originally termed the "Boy Scout Knife with Pliers" back in 1983 with the launch of what was marketed as the PST or Pocket Survival Tool by the Leatherman Tool Group.  The novel idea surged in popularity selling tens of thousands of units in the first few years alone.

Today Leatherman offer a wide selection of hunting and survival knives alongside their traditional multitools but maintain a specialist range of police and military tools which enjoy an outstanding reputation.

There are a wide range of cheap imitation Leatherman multitools available on the market retailing at a fraction of the costs, often found near the checkout of outdoors shops or petrol stations.  The old adadge of "You get what you pay for" however has never been truer though and you will probably be quite quickly disappointed with the build quality and longevity of the economy alternative.  In fact you will most likely find it a false economy as the blade blunts and distorts and the screwdriver heads twist and shred. The extra investment in a high quality brand like Gerber or Leatherman is really worth it in the long run, especially if you use it a lot, or need to entrust your life, or the lives of others too your multi tool.

Leatherman do offer a range of tools to accommodate most budgets and needs, from key ring sized "Gift" type multi pliers to the everything you could need "Charge TTI" featuring 19 unique tools in one and the specialist MUT, MUT EOD and OHT military products...and they have even introduced their womens specific "Pink" range of light weight

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