Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gerber Multiplier Reviews

Gerber seemed like the next logical progression in my blog since we looked at Leatherman last week.  The full title of the company is "Gerber Legendary Blades Inc." but to most people they are just "Gerber" (weirdly pronounced "Jerber" by some!!)

Gerber have been around a lot longer than Leatherman, the company being established in 1939 when Joseph Gerber made sets of hand crafted kitchen knives for some of the customers of the then advertising business and the range was picked up by Abbercrombie and Fitch for distribution.  The Gerber brand was purchased by Swedish company Friskars (who also produce the Friskars range of gardening tools; sheers, loppers, pruning blades etc.) in 1987 and Gerber is now the second biggest multiplier brand in the world.  Recently Gerber have teamed up with former chief scout, SAS reservist and legendary outdoors-man Bear Grylls as a marketing tactic including launching a range of specialist Bear Grylls Knives designed for the outdoors, camping and survival enthusiast.

Currently Gerber hold the MOD contract for the issued mulitool to UK soldiers and marines with the Black Gerber Crucial with strap cutter being the chosen model.  This is a particularly fantasitc bit of kit and if I didn't already own a Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multitool and a Gerber Strap cutter with window break I would certainly invest in one of these!  This model is based on the standard Gerber Crucial, but is finished in "Tactical Black" and they have replaced the carabiner/bottle opener with a strap cutter.  Now I know a lot of people probably mourn the loss of the bottle opener more than they value the addition of the strap cutter...after all what's the point in living through a car accident if you can't enjoy a beer after right!  But seriously, the strap cutter is a great addition and is indispensable for police, military, fire and rescue or ambulance and paramedics (and there are still plenty of tools on the crucial that you can use to pop a beer bottle top ;) )

Gerber also do the Diesel multitool in black which has more tools than the Crucial but doesn't have the "crucial" strap cutter if you will excuse the pun!

Along side the multpliers there is also a wide selection of knives, including the hinderer rescue series, available in red and yellow for the emergency services and as ever a matt black finish for the military.

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