Thursday, 2 May 2013

Army Boots

There are various types of Army boots available on today’s market, whether it’s a certain type of military footwear you are after or a particular brand, there is enough choice of military shoes to suit all needs regardless of budget.

Lowa offer a great range of military boots, mainly in black and sturdy good quality materials they are a perfect choice for anyone after military shoes. They all are lace up military boots as is the case with most military footwear, with the exception of 5.11, who have also steered clear of the common black military boots and currently have a desert colour boot, which in comparison to the Ops system desert colour boot, is a cheaper option of military footwear. Another strong contender for army boots are YDS, providing waterproof boots for the military and non waterproof military boots, all at various price ranges the army footwear offered are varied. Adidas have also ventured in to the military footwear market with a smaller variety of military shoes to some of the lead contenders in the market at medium price. One of the more expensive army boots on the market today is from Danner – with a more classic look which is almost stereotypical of boots for the military compared to the previous military boots mentioned.

Army footwear on the whole has improved dramatically in appearance and perhaps have a more casual look to some of them previously, a fine example of this is Meindl’s army boots, they have a rugged chunky look, but still obvious they are military shoes. Of course all of the army boots mentioned above are not the only military footwear on the market today, GS have also taken part in the contest of producing military boots with a fairly hefty price tag and a very casual appearance of the military shoes mentioned. Last but not least of the boots for the army is UnderArmour’s entry, again at a fairly hefty price, and a casual appearance they offer a lightweight trainer in comparison to the other army shoes mentioned, but with plenty of features they lead the way on the style front for army boots. 


  1. There are various types of Army boots available on today's market, ...

  2. There are various types of Army boots available on today's market, ...