Friday, 10 August 2012

Baton Holders

There are many different baton holder varieties on the market from a range of different brands (most designed to fit their brand and not competitors) and styles. The most well know baton brand is ASP, so much so that that the ASP name has become synonymous with the product, much like "hoover" or "biro" but ASP is just an acronym of Armament Systems and Procedures Inc an American company founded in 1976 to develop law enforcement compliance products.

Asp baton holders come in two main flavours, the rigid polymer baton holder and the material nylon holder. Both are designed to be belt mounted but the polymer baton holder has a distinct advantage over it's nylon counter part in that it can be rotated ton any of 8 different angels making it universally popular with right and left handed users wherever you like to mount your baton. The nylon style baton holder only allows for the straight vertical position. The nylon holder however will accommodate most other brands of straight telescopic batons, the polymer holder will only accept ASP batons properly and some styles of Monadnock.

The altnertative to the ASP polymer holder is the Peter Jones KilckFast version which is designed to be more universal and still offers both the security and the rotational advantages of the Asp product. The other major advantage is price, the Peter Jones baton holder being just over £10 cheaper than the asp.

If you are looking for a leather product then the best option in Price Western Leather (PWL) who offer a 3 position option (again making it acceptable for most left or right handed users). This baton holder is made from high quality black finished leather, but PWL also offer the only side handle baton holder which is made from a semi rigid nylon construction.

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