Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Clip on Tie : Essential!

Now a clip on tie isn't normally the kind of Gucci kit that needs a review, but a clip on tie will set you back ~£5, you will use it whenever you are in a suit and it will make your life a hell of a lot safer!

There is a mix op opinion with door supervisors as to whether a clip on tie or a "Dickie" bow tie is the way forward...... Personally I can't see any advantage of the Bow tie over the clip on variety.  Bow ties tend look peculiar, unless you are James bond sporting a tux, and the one thing you don't want to do it draw attention to yourself when working the doors.  Anything that invites ridicule or singles you out is simply increasing your chances of trouble.  From a safety perspective, a bow tie does fasten around the neck, either the clip round variety or the proper tie up kind and so offer a ligature hand hold to any would be assailant all be it a much smaller one than a traditional tie.

The clip on tie fastens to the buttons on the front of the collar and pops off with not very much force at all so you cant be strangled or pulled about by it in any way.  In fact if someone does try and grab it and it comes away in their hand you will gain yourself a couple of seconds as they react to the unexpected result (especially if they a a couple of drinks for the worse) and those couple of seconds will give you a chance to take the upper hand in the situation.  Add to that the fact that a plain black clip on tie will look ok with any shirt or suit colour or style and I can't see why you would choose anything else!

Viper are probably the most well known brand in the security industry for this kind of product and their items are usually pretty reasonably priced.  If you are buying security equipment online it's probably worth buying a couple to save on postage as you will get drinks etc spilled down you at some point and want to give one a wash while you wear you other tie, and one will eventually get broken as you struggle to maintain order and safety with the forces of drunken disorder!

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