Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bates Boots Review

Bates boots have been used much more prominently in the USA than in the UK for many years.  Comparable to Magnum Boots in the USA Bates Boots are not nearly as popular in the UK, but that doesn't mean that they should be ignored in your quest for a pair of high quality police boots.

The most popular of the Bates range is the Bates Falcon Boot.  The Faclon Boot from Bates is  used by SBS (Special Boat Service), the Royal Marines Visibility Team and special forces across the globe.  The Falcon Bates Boot is unique in its light weight design and specialist sole.  The sole is the key feature of this boot, providing the highest levels of traction available on slippery surfaces, like boat decks, or aircraft wings, even when wet. The downside being that the boots are a light weight response boot, ideal for quick in and out operations, not so good for longer patrols, be they urban or mountainous, jungle or desert!

A more suitable Bates boot for urban foot patrol, great for police users, is the bates tactical sport side zip.  The light weight leather and nylon construction with the easy access side zip and reasonable price point makes these the second most popular of the bates range.  Similar to the Tactical Sport Side Zip in design is the GX8 Bates Boot, the difference being it has no side zip, but does boast a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane.  The Gore-tex however does make the Bates GX8 quite a bit more expensive at circa £90.

Some of the newer Bates models boast an individual comfort system.  A unique dial in the heal of the boot which allows the user to adjust the camber of the footbed to suit the individual arch.  The downside of this being that you can adjust the arches to make the comfortable with an underlying foot problem you will actually accentuate the problem rather than correct it.

One point of note is that Bates Boots are not EN certified or SRA, B or C slip rated as they are built to US standards rather than UK or European Standards so bear that in mind if making a corporate purchase.

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